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When it comes to landscaping your home or business, it only takes a seed of an idea to begin something special. At Mr. Topsoil, we specialize in helping that dream grow into reality with unmatched landscaping supplies like mulch, topsoil, and sod.

As trusted landscaping suppliers in Hanahan, we know how important it is to have quality materials to reflect the beauty and style that you're looking to achieve. Unlike big-box stores, Mr. Topsoil offers attention to detail and stellar customer service that you just won't find anywhere else. There's a simple reason we've been in business for 34 years, and it's because we offer quality products and the best customer service in Hanahan. At the end of the day, we do right by our customers by offering them reliable deliveries and honest pricing. That's just the Mr. Topsoil way.

As locals who are born and raised in Hanahan, SC, we have a deep appreciation and comprehensive understanding of Lowcountry landscaping. Whether you're a business owner or a homeowner, Mr. Topsoil is your natural choice for landscaping materials.

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Here are just a few reasons why customers consider us the best instead of the rest:

Impeccable Service

Impeccable Service - If you already know what landscaping materials you need to begin your project, let us know. We make life easy by delivering your topsoil, mulch, or sod right to your front door. If you're not quite sure, our dedicated team of professionals is here to help guide you.

Reliable Delivery

Reliable Delivery - Part Mr. Topsoil's commitment is to provide dependable delivery of your landscaping materials. Time and safety are big concerns when dealing with landscaping, especially when dealing with large quantities of materials. That's why Mr. Topsoil uses a fleet of delivery trucks and drivers to cater to your needs. Curious whether we deliver to your home or business? Contact our office today to find out!

Highly-Trained Staff

Highly-Trained Staff - At Mr. Topsoil, our landscaping experts have been around the block once or twice. There is no substitute for real-deal knowledge of landscaping, and our team has got it in spades. We're here to make your landscaping project easy and feasible, and we're here to assist with advice and best practices whenever we are able.

If you're ready to transform your yard or storefront into an outdoor oasis, look no further than Mr. Topsoil in Hanahan, SC.

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 Topsoil Supplier Hanahan, SC

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The Premier Topsoil Supplier in Hanahan, SC

Topsoil is much more than just dirt - it enhances just about every other aspect of your landscaping project. If you're looking for long-lasting, beautiful landscaping, it all starts with high-quality topsoil that is sourced for Hanahan's climate.

Topsoil can be used in many ways to improve the overall quality and health of your lawn or garden. Generally, topsoil consists of the top layer of dirt that is found in the first 5 to 6 inches inside the ground. Topsoil, especially the organic variety, is mineral-dense, nutrient-dense, and chock-full of organic matter. That makes it a top choice by amateur and professional landscapers alike.

The best quality topsoil for gardening and growing plants isn't found in bags - it's found right here at Mr. Topsoil. We optimize our topsoils to give customers a well-balanced mix of pH levels, nitrogen levels, and the perfect mineral content. Unlike some competitors, our topsoils are formulated with the correct chemical composition needed for South Carolina's climate and native plant life. That means longer-lasting beauty, less maintenance, less back-breaking labor, and more cost savings for you and your family.

Perhaps the most essential tool at your disposal is topsoil. Topsoil can be used in a variety of ways to improve the overall health and quality of your garden and lawn. Whether you're a rookie gardener or a landscaping connoisseur, there's never a bad time to learn about topsoil uses and how topsoil can play a role in your outdoor space.

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Common Uses for Topsoil in Hanahan

When it comes to essential tools in your garden, you might think a spade or sprinkler system would top the list. You wouldn't necessarily be wrong, but few folks think of topsoil as a crucial tool for gardening and landscaping. Topsoil is used in many different ways, but its main goal is to improve your lawn or garden's health and ability to grow.

So, what are some common reasons why you might need topsoil?

Keep Plants & Gardens Healthy

Flowers and plants must draw nutrients from the soil they live in to survive. These nutrients must often be replenished, and one of the best ways to do so is by adding a fresh layer of topsoil. Of course, not all topsoils are the same. You'll want to choose topsoil meant for your needs and your location. For instance, topsoil meant to help fresh veggies grow near the coast may differ from topsoil needed to reduce inland soil erosion. To find the best topsoil for your residential or commercial project, be sure to contact Mr. Topsoil - our team is ready and waiting to help answer your questions!

 Firewood Supplier Hanahan, SC

Improve Drainage

If rainfall causes puddles to form in your garden or grass, you might need to apply a new layer of topsoil. When soil is densely packed, drainage issues abound because water isn't able to seep into the soil. You can remedy this issue by adding a sandy layer of topsoil to areas where water is pooling. By tilling the new and old topsoil together, you will break up compacted dirt, improve circulation, and ultimately help drainage issues around your plant's roots.

 Mulch Hanahan, SC

Refresh Your Garden's Curb Appeal

Weeding, mowing, and planting new flowers are great for refreshing the look of your garden, but adding fresh topsoil helps complete the look. This is especially true after a long winter. Cold weather can strip the nutrients from your topsoil, leaving it dull and ineffective. Adding a new layer of topsoil instantly enhances how your garden looks!

 Topsoil Hanahan, SC

Quality Mulch. Gorgeous Landscaping. Unbeatable Service

At Mr. Topsoil, we proudly provide premium mulch, available for homeowners and commercial businesses. With several colors and varieties to choose from, you won't have to worry about searching high and low for your one-stop mulch shop. Our mulch helps reduce weed development, retains ground moisture, moderates your soil temperatures, and even helps stop soil erosion.

Looking to keep your garden or lawn in tip-top shape all year long? Mr. Topsoil's bulk mulch products are perfect for what you need, whether you own a home or work as a property manager and need to maintain your tenant's lawns. By buying in bulk, you get the benefit of mulch delivery straight to your front door at the lowest costs around. As your top mulch supplier in Hanahan, SC, you can rest easy knowing our team loves to help our customers find the best ways to improve their landscaping. While it's true that you can buy bagged mulch at your local hardware store, these products are typically packaged weeks, months, and even years ahead of time. In many cases, these bags are stored outdoors where the mulch absorbs rainwater, chemicals, and nasty contaminates. As if that weren't bad enough, this kind of mulch is very expensive, making the price of a large residential or commercial landscaping project unrealistic.

At Mr. Topsoil, our mulch is produced from local trees and is made fresh and available immediately to our customers. With affordable rates and flexible delivery options, choosing Mr. Topsoil for your mulch delivery in Hanahan makes all the sense in the world.

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Benefits of Adding Mulch to Your Home or Business in Hanahan

Gardens and other landscaped areas come in many sizes, shapes, and styles. Flower gardens add that extra special something to your home or commercial property. Veggie gardens are great for cutting back on grocery bills and add their own aesthetic appeal. If it's green and it grows, chances are it can benefit from mulch.

There are many reasons to use mulch, including:

 Stone Supplier Hanahan, SC

Improve Soil Quality


As mulch breaks down and decomposes, it leaves micro-nutrients in your soil, which helps it stay fertile and great for growing. In addition, studies show that tree roots located below a layer of mulch have high counts of mycorrhiza, which help your trees live and thrive.

Conservation & Prevention


If you have a garden, you know how important it is to keep your plants watered. When you add mulch to your garden, it actually helps conserve water, meaning you may not have to break out your watering or sprinklers as often. In addition, mulch helps prevent pesky weeds from springing up in your flower beds, gardens, and outdoor living areas.

Improve Landscaping


Sure, mulch adds a unique ambiance and feel to your garden or landscaping, but mulch also fosters the presence of earthworms. These slithery creatures add nutrients to your soil and help its structure so that your plants and vegetables grow healthy and strong.

We Are #1 Topsoil Supplier In The Tri-County Area.

Weather you are near or far will deliver all your needs with affordable prices

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Superior Sod Supplier in Hanahan, SC

Buying the right sod for your home or business in Hanahan speaks volumes. Proper sod placement can turn a dingy, dilapidated outdoor space into a pristine place where you love to spend time with friends and family. At Mr. Topsoil, we source the highest quality sod products from local farms, providing our clients with fresh, durable, clean grass. Whether you're upgrading your lawn or giving your commercial property a facelift, we have premium sod and timely delivery options to cater to your needs.

Having been in business for more than 34 years, we know that most customers have an idea of the kind of sod they want but don't know what it's called. Other times, they know the name but don't know how to install the sod. As a full-service sod provider, we can help with those issues and much more. It would be our pleasure to travel to your home or business and help you decide which kind of sod is best for your lawn our gardening project. If you need help applying the sod, our team of professionals are ready and waiting on your call.

 Sod Supplier Hanahan, SC
Here are just a few ways we assist customers with their residential and commercial sod needs:
 Mulch For Sale Hanahan, SC

Sod Delivery in Hanahan

Mr. Topsoil's team has been delivering sod for years. Over that time, we have built an incredible amount of experience working with nurseries and landscapers. We source our sod from local farmers, so its quality is never in question. From home gardens and lawns to local golf courses and sports fields, there is no job too small or large that we can't handle.

Mulch Supplier Hanahan, SC

Sod Supplier in Hanahan

As Hanahan's top sod supplier, it's no surprise that we work with local farms to get the highest-quality sod available. Quality sod means great grass and happy customers, and that's what we're all about. Our team of helpful pros will make sure your sod is delivered promptly and without error. When it's all said and done, the only thing that matters to Mr. Topsoil is your satisfaction, which is why we're not afraid to deliver near or far to meet your needs.

 Topsoil Supplier Hanahan, SC

Yard Sod in Hanahan

Our selection of residential and yard sod is the best in our region. Our customers demand all sorts of yard sod, and we're happy to accommodate them. From different hues and textures to high durability sods meant for heavily trafficked areas - we've got it all. Need a little assistance on how to properly prep your yard? Our friendly team are happy to give you tips, tricks, and best practices to ensure your project is completed correctly.

Ready to Get Started?

Whether you're looking for a topsoil supplier in Hanahan, SC, who can deliver to your home or a sod supplier for your small business, Mr. Topsoil is here to serve you. Whether you're a landscape gardener or a weekend warrior, we've got everything you need in one place, at a price you can afford. Contact our office today for your free quote!


Latest News in Hanahan, SC

Hawks win thriller at Timberland

It was an eventful week for the Hanahan Hawks but it ended about like it should have for the seventh-ranked team in Class AAA against a winless Class AA squad.The Hawks, now guided by interim coach Steve Blanchard, used some second half theatrics to take out rival Timberland, 30-24, on Sept. 16 in a non-region clash.Hanahan improved to 3-0 while Timberland fell 0-5.It was an impressive victory for the Hawks considering the unexpected winds of change that blew earlier in the week. The Berkeley County School District relea...

It was an eventful week for the Hanahan Hawks but it ended about like it should have for the seventh-ranked team in Class AAA against a winless Class AA squad.

The Hawks, now guided by interim coach Steve Blanchard, used some second half theatrics to take out rival Timberland, 30-24, on Sept. 16 in a non-region clash.

Hanahan improved to 3-0 while Timberland fell 0-5.

It was an impressive victory for the Hawks considering the unexpected winds of change that blew earlier in the week. The Berkeley County School District released a statement Sept. 14 saying Blanchard was taking over for third-year coach Art Craig on an interim basis with no further details. It remains unclear what Craig’s status is with the program or whether he will return this season.

The school district said it couldn’t comment on personnel matters.

“This was a great game,” Blanchard said. “We had a lot of stuff going on this week so we knew we had to corral them a little bit. For us to come back like this in the second half is a testament to our coaches’ halftime adjustments. They did an amazing job. I’m so proud of our kids.”

The Hawks found themselves in a battle against the upset-minded Wolves and trailed 16-0 at halftime. The second half belonged to the Hawks, though.

Running back Kevon Rivera’s 8-yard run capped a 43-yard drive with 50 seconds left to put the Hawks ahead, 28-24. A pass on the 2-point conversion to Ashton Drayton was successful. Rivera finished with 77 yards rushing, most coming in the second half.

Hanahan’s defense denied the Wolves on four downs near midfield to secure the victory, which would have marked a successful return to Timberland for Craig, who won two state championships and almost 200 games with the Wolves before taking over Hanahan prior to the 2020 season.

Instead, it goes down as win No. 1 for Blanchard in the 2022 campaign and the first for the Hawks here since 2002. It also snapped a four-game skid in the series, now led by Timberland, 18-8.

“Any time you play a game here you can throw out the records,” Blanchard said. “Timberland is always going to play hard. They’re a county team. We’re a county team. This is just how our games play out.”

Blanchard, a 1984 Berkeley High graduate, was previously head coach at Estill and Andrews high schools and served as an assistant for several programs, including Timberland and Berkeley. He became Hanahan’s defensive coordinator in 2013.

Timberland dominated the first half against the visitors, scoring all of their points in the second quarter to build a 16-0 halftime advantage. Wolves running back Omari Jenkins broke the stalemate on a 7-yard run with 9:37 left in the second quarter but the extra point was blocked.

After the Wolves tackled Rivera in the end zone for a safety with under three minutes left in the first half, Timberland went 45 yards to extend its lead on Jakiri Simmons’ 21-yard burst around the outside with under a minute remaining in the opening half.

The Hawks sprang to life in the third quarter to get back in it.

Following an exchange of punts, the Hawks put together a 55-yard scoring drive to get on the board. Fullback Cooper Smith ran the final eight yards for the touchdown with 5:47 remaining in the period and Rivera added the 2-point run as the Hawks cut their deficit in half, 16-8.

Smith carried 11 times for 52 yards.

Timberland’s first crucial mistake came back to haunt the Wolves moments later. Hanahan jumped on a fumble at the Wolves 15 and turned it into quarterback Jaden Cummings’ 1-yard plunge. Cummings tacked on the 2-point run to even it at 16-16 just over two minutes after the first touchdown.

Hanahan’s defense recorded a quick three-and-out and the Hawks started on their own 26 on the first play of the fourth quarter. Hanahan surgically moved down the field on a go-ahead drive.

Rivera carried it 16 yards to the 1 and Cummings scored from short distance for the second time with 7:38 left in the game. The extra point, though, was no good and the Hawks led, 22-16.

After another exchange of punts, Timberland’s sideline woke up when Jenkins sprinted 66 yards for a tying touchdown with 3:16 remaining. He kept it on the 2-point play right up the middle to put the Wolves ahead, 24-22.

Hanahan wiggled off the hook on its last drive after Rivera returned the kickoff to Timberland’s 43 with 3:04 remaining. The final possession was mostly Rivera running behind his blocking.

“We give Kevon the ball when we have to,” Blanchard said.

The Hawks host Porter-Gaud Sept. 23 and Timberland goes to West Ashley.

South Carolina high school football scores for Week 1 of 2022 SCHSL season

Greenville NewsHere are the South Carolina high school football scores from Week 1 of the SCHSL regular season. Check back for updates throughout the night.FridayAcademic Magnet 14, Military Magnet Academy 0Andrews 32, Georgetown 12Appling County, Ga. 42, Aiken 7Aynor def. Kingstree, forfeitBamberg-Ehrhardt 36, Denmark-Olar 20Baptist Hill 26, St. John's 8Battery Creek 39, Ridgeland-Hardeeville 28Beaufort Academy 34, Hilton Head Prep 22...

Greenville News

Here are the South Carolina high school football scores from Week 1 of the SCHSL regular season. Check back for updates throughout the night.


Academic Magnet 14, Military Magnet Academy 0

Andrews 32, Georgetown 12

Appling County, Ga. 42, Aiken 7

Aynor def. Kingstree, forfeit

Bamberg-Ehrhardt 36, Denmark-Olar 20

Baptist Hill 26, St. John's 8

Battery Creek 39, Ridgeland-Hardeeville 28

Beaufort Academy 34, Hilton Head Prep 22

Belton-Honea Path 19, Westside 17

Ben Lippen 34, Heathwood Hall 6

Bethesda Academy, Ga. 40, John Paul II 24

Blythewood 43, Richland Northeast 7

Brookland-Cayce 31, Airport 20

Broome 54, Chesnee 28

Buford 35, McBee 8

Camden 53, Lugoff-Elgin 7

Cane Bay 30, Ashley Ridge 20

Carolina High and Academy 22, Dillon Christian 14

Catawba Ridge 16, Charlotte Myers Park, N.C. 0

Central 63, Carolina Academy 0

Central 63, Carolina Pride, N.C. 0

Chapin 45, Mid-Carolina 0

Charleston Collegiate 42, Cathedral Academy 7

Charlotte Christian, N.C. 52, Southside Christian 28

Chester 22, Fort Mill 17

Christ Church Episcopal 41, Southside 14

Clarendon Hall Academy 43, Andrew Jackson Academy 16

Claxton, Ga. 29, Hilton Head Island 18

Clinton 55, Laurens 28

Colleton Prep 42, Northwood Academy 12

Crescent 34, Dixie 10

Crestwood 37, Gray Collegiate Academy 28

Cross 44, Hemingway 0

D.W. Daniel 55, Easley 7

Dillon 41, Lamar 0

Dorchester Academy 22, Orangeburg Prep 20

Dorman 42, North Augusta 28

Dutch Fork 27, Spartanburg 25

Edisto 12, Williston-Elko 6

Estill 24, C.A. Johnson 8

Fairfield Central 41, Andrew Jackson 21

First Baptist 23, Bishop England 10

Fort Dorchester 21, Beaufort 6

Gilbert 49, Batesburg-Leesville 14

Hammond 49, Florence Christian 0

Hampton 48, Allendale-Fairfax 0

Hanahan 22, Berkeley 17

Hannah-Pamplico 26, North Central 20

Hartsville 68, Darlington 0

Hillcrest 62, Greer 14

Hunter-Kinard-Tyler 22, Eau Claire 12

Indian Land 28, Timberland 0

Irmo 27, Lancaster 20

J.L. Mann 14, Riverside 7

James F. Byrnes 54, Chapman 7

James Island 52, R.B. Stall 0

Jefferson, Ga. 56, Wren 28

Jenkins, Ga. 24, Bluffton 21

Lake Marion 28, Calhoun County 22

Lakewood 30, Fox Creek 0

Landrum 34, Berea 3

Latta 31, East Clarendon 0

Laurence Manning Academy 32, Pinewood Prep 14

Lee Central 28, Great Falls 8

Lewisville 50, Wagener-Salley 24

Lexington 63, South Aiken 56

Lincoln County, Ga. 27, McCormick 6

Loris 15, North Myrtle Beach 7

Lower Richland 35, Westwood 8

Lucy G. Beckham 8, Wando 6

Marlboro County 40, Cheraw 12

Mauldin 20, Boiling Springs 7

Midland Valley 29, Strom Thurmond 23

Ninety Six 53, Ware Shoals 0

Northside Christian 28, Greenwood Christian 12

Northwestern 32, Clover 21

Orangeburg-Wilkinson 20, W.J. Keenan 8

Patrick Henry Academy 6, St. John's Christian Academy 0

Pee Dee Academy 48, Cardinal Newman 42

Pelion 15, Columbia 12

Pendleton 34, Eastside 8

Powdersville 51, Abbeville 44

River Bluff 52, Swansea 0

Robert E. Lee Academy 35, Thomas Sumter Academy 7

Saluda 34, Ridge Spring-Monetta 7

Sandy Creek, Ga. 46, Greenwood 21

Seneca 50, Palmetto 14

Socastee 21, Silver Bluff 0

South Florence 29, Oceanside Collegiate Academy 28

St. James 37, Philip Simmons 30

St. Joseph 35, Blacksburg 7

Summerville 38, Carolina Forest 7

Sumter 15, Ridge View 14

T.L. Hanna 36, Greenville 29

W. Wyman King Academy 38, Francis Hugh Wardlaw Academy 16

Waccamaw 33, Carvers Bay 18

Wade Hampton (G) 49, Travelers Rest 28

West Ashley 7, May River 3

West Florence 32, Lake City 7

Whale Branch 19, North Charleston 8

White Knoll 36, Spring Valley 9

Whitmire 41, Spartanburg Christian 24

Williamsburg Academy 47, Palmetto Christian Academy 0

Wilson 56, Marion 36

Wilson Hall 28, Hilton Head Christian Academy 7

Woodruff 31, Fountain Inn 0


Union County vs. Gaffney, ccd.

Hanahan hands Lucy Beckham first loss

MOUNT PLEASANT — It took the Hanahan High offense more than a half to get going against undefeated Lucy Beckham, and even then there wasn’t much offense to speak of.However, the Hawks made two drives count in the second half, getting their only touchdown and a field goal to win 10-6 at District 2 Stadium on Sept. 9.Hanahan improves to 2-0 on the season, using a dominant run game to wear down the Bengals.“Man, this was a physical football game and I thought both teams played really hard,” Hanahan c...

MOUNT PLEASANT — It took the Hanahan High offense more than a half to get going against undefeated Lucy Beckham, and even then there wasn’t much offense to speak of.

However, the Hawks made two drives count in the second half, getting their only touchdown and a field goal to win 10-6 at District 2 Stadium on Sept. 9.

Hanahan improves to 2-0 on the season, using a dominant run game to wear down the Bengals.

“Man, this was a physical football game and I thought both teams played really hard,” Hanahan coach Art Craig said. “This is what a playoff game is like. Both teams going at it on every play. Every little mistake is crucial.

"I am really proud of this football team. I mean, this was our second game. We are still in the process of putting things together. So this is a great win for us. Lucy Beckham is a very good football team.”

Junior running back Kevon Rivera, a third-year starter and one of the top backs in the Lowcountry, overcame a sluggish start to shoulder the load in the decisive second half. Rivera finished the night with over 100 yards rushing, the bulk coming in the final two quarters of play.

Fairly significant pre-game rain eased up by kickoff, setting the stage for a rather uneventful first half. The lone points of the half came on Jack Weil’s 42-yard field goal, capping Lucy Beckham’s best drive of the opening half.

Hanahan struggled to get any consistent offense going against an aggressive Bengals’ defense. The Hawks ran one offensive play in Lucy Beckham territory, that coming after a Nathaniel Parson interception. On the next play, Hanahan fumbled and Bengals’ linebacker Hank Aeppli recovered.

It took just two plays of the third quarter for the Hawks to enter Lucy Beckham territory. Ashton Drayton and Rivera combined for 27 yards on successive carries to give Hanahan a first down at the Bengals’ 46-yard line.

Rivera ripped off 11 yards on third-and-one to put the Hawks on the Lucy Beckham 26-yard line. Later on the drive, on fourth-and-three from the 19, Rivera gained the first down by inches. Quarterback Jaden Cummings capped the 15-play drive with a one-yard sneak, giving the Hawks a 7-3 lead with 3:57 left in the third quarter.

“That was a huge drive for us because we really needed to come out establish the fact that we were here and we were gonna play,” Craig said. “I went to Kevon and told him we needed more from him. In that second half, he showed why he is one of the best around.”

Weil added a second field goal, a 35-yarder, to close the gap to 7-6 with 10:22 left in the game.

But the Hawks had an answer, a long answer. Hanahan again put together a 15-play drive that ate up nearly eight minutes with Eric Johnson kicking an 18-yard field goal for a 10-6 lead with 2:29 left in the game.

“You know, we played hard tonight but we didn’t play great,” Bengals head coach Jamel Smith said. “Effort was good, Fundamentals, tackling, not so good. Hopefully we learned a lot tonight. Hopefully these kids understand when we talk about tackling, this is what we mean. Good job by Hanahan though. We didn’t slow them much in the second half.”

The Bengals will play at Stall next Friday while Hanahan will go to Timberland in a Berkeley County rivalry. Craig is the former head coach at Timberland.

Illini Set to Open 2022-23 Season with Cougar Classic

Illinois at Cougar Classic Tournament Cougar Classic Date Sept. 12-13 Location Hanahan, South Carolina Course Yeamans Hall Club (Par 71 / 6,269 Yards) Live Scoring ...

Illinois at Cougar Classic
Tournament Cougar Classic
Date Sept. 12-13
Location Hanahan, South Carolina
Course Yeamans Hall Club (Par 71 / 6,269 Yards)
Live Scoring Golfstat
Illinois Roster | Schedule
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Social Media Twitter | Instagram | Facebook

CHAMPAIGN, Ill. – The Illinois women's golf team is set to open its 2022-23 season this week, traveling to Hanahan, S.C., for the Cougar Classic. The two-day tournament is hosted by the College of Charleston on Monday and Tuesday, September 12-13.

THE SETTING The Cougar Classic will be held at Yeamans Hall Club. The course was designed by Seth Raynor and officially opened in 1924. The course will be set up for a par 71 and will play 6,269 yards long.

TOURNAMENT FORMAT There will be 18 teams competing in the 54-hole tournament with 36 holes of continuous play on Monday (Sept. 12), followed by the final 18 on Tuesday (Sept. 13). Monday has a shotgun start of 8:30 a.m. CT, whereas Tuesday features an 8:45 a.m. CT shotgun start.

THE FIELD Along with the Illini, the 18-team field for the Cougar Classic will include Central Florida, Charleston, Clemson, East Carolina, No. 6 Florida State, Furman, No. 19 Georgia, No. 25 Kentucky, Louisville, Miami, Michigan State, Ole Miss, North Carolina, North Carolina State, Penn State, Tennessee and Wisconsin.

FIGHTING ILLINI LINEUP No. 1: Crystal Wang No. 2: Lexanne Halama No. 3: Isabel Sy No. 4: Alise Knudson No. 5: Mattie Frick

ILLINI AT THE COUGAR CLASSIC This will be the first time in program history that the Illinois women's golf program has competed in the Cougar Classic.

LIVE SCORING Live scoring for the Cougar Classic will be available on Golfstat.com. A Recap and results will be posted on FightingIllini.com following each day of play.

UP NEXT The Illini will next head to Norman, Okla., for the Schooner Fall Classic at the Belmar Golf Club on September 24-26.

Illini Tied for 10th after 36 Holes at Cougar Classic

Golfstat LeaderboardHANAHAN, S.C. – The Illinois women's golf team opened the 2022-23 season on Monday at the Cougar Classic and is tied for 10th place after carding a 36-hole team total of 571 (+3) heading into Tuesday's final round at Yeamans Hall Club.Sophomore Lexanne Hal...

Golfstat Leaderboard

HANAHAN, S.C. – The Illinois women's golf team opened the 2022-23 season on Monday at the Cougar Classic and is tied for 10th place after carding a 36-hole team total of 571 (+3) heading into Tuesday's final round at Yeamans Hall Club.

Sophomore Lexanne Halama led the way for the Illini and is tied for 22nd on the individual leaderboard after rounds of 67 and 74 to sit -1 through two rounds. Halama began the day tied for second at -4 her first 18, posting five birdies, including a stretch of three over her final five holes of the round.

Graduate student Crystal Wang is tied for 31st place at even-par after back-to-back rounds of 71 while freshman Mattie Frick, in her Illinois debut, was +2 on the day with rounds of 73 and 71 and sits in a tie for 43rd place.

Sophomore Alise Knudson finished at +5 after rounds of 77 and 70 and is tied for 63rd. Rounding out the squad is junior Isabel Sy, who is at +7 after rounds of 74 and 75. She finds herself tied for 73rd.

The Illini finished fourth on the day in Par 5 scoring average at 4.77, posting an overall score of -7. They have also collected the third-most pars of the tournament so far, with 121.

Ole Miss leads the tournament with a two-round team score of 555 (-13), while Georgia's Jenny Bae and the Rebels Andrea Lingell pace the individuals with two-round scores of 135 (-7).

Tuesday's final round begins with a shotgun start at 7:45 p.m. CT.

Place Cougar Classic RD1 RD2 RD3 FINAL
T10 Illinois 285 286 - -
T22 Lexanne Halama 67 74 - -
T29 Crystal Wang 71 71 - -
T43 Mattie Frick 73 71 - -
T63 Alise Knudson 77 70 - -
T73 Isabel Sy 74 75 - -


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